Review: Friday the 13th (PS4 Video Game)

We recently purchased a third-person, multiplayer survival game based on the very popular movie franchise, Friday the 13th, how could I say no?  We quickly purchased (Approx. $55 CDN) and installed the game, and then we waited and waited some more.  Our excitement quickly halted – the game requires that you connect to 7 other players and without knowing who has already purchased the game, the only option is to select Quick Play.

The game is surprisingly exciting and fun to play. I think the biggest reason for the added excitement bonus is the multitude of variations of each character within the game; each character has a set of strengths and weaknesses. There are six different versions of Jason and ten counselors available.

The extra bonus of each character being played by random online players only adds to the story and the anticipation of not knowing how each player will proceed through the story. Most tend to play it safe as counselors, running around camp into nearby cabins. Once safe inside a cabin the doors can be locked, and you can set traps or hide from the terrifying Jason.  While the Jason players, run around frantically trying to kill everyone in sight. I will admit, that killing the others off has such a victorious feeling. Okay — that winning feeling is just as awesome when you get the camp counselor to safety by either car, boat or simply by running around until the match is over.  The quest for survival is 20 minutes, but often it can feel much longer.

This game is not without its limitations, bugs, and glitches. The biggest downfall is the slow matchmaking process to online players, and this issue significantly multiplied when players reported a server database issue. It at times felt like we were waiting to connect for much longer than the 20-minute match itself. We also had several matches abruptly interrupted from network issues. Another downfall is that there are only three map levels.

All in all, the game has potential, and we’re still vividly playing and trying to outwit, outlast and outplay the majority of online players.

Game Play: 4/5
Characters: 5/5
Maps/Levels: 3/5
Cost of Game: 5/5

Overall:  4/5 

Disclaimer: I was not asked to provide a review by the game creator nor did I receive any compensation for this review. I paid full price for this game with my own money.

6 thoughts on “Review: Friday the 13th (PS4 Video Game)

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  2. My husband has been talking about getting a PS for years. I have consistently help off. We have so much random stuff we don’t need or use but I have a feeling that when my son gets a little bit older I will cave in and let him get one.

    Your reviews will be so helpful when I hit that stage. I like how completely honest you are about all aspects of the game!

  3. You know, I’ve been debating whether to try this. The diversity in both characters and Jason himself definitely intrigue me more. I hadn’t realised there were multiple version of him available…

  4. Awsome review very well written and good critique of this game ..Very good concept makes you feel like your in the movie… Servers are a bit slow cause they were overwhelmed with how many people were playing.

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