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Recently, I dropped my iPhone 6 into a toilet bowl. An overnight stay in a bowl of rice worked wonders, but my existing cell phone case destroyed from water damage. I’ve never been one to invest in a fancy case for my phone, instead opting for a cheap flimsy one from the outlet store. So when Go Customized offered me the chance to get a personalized phone case I was thrilled.

Go Customized is a one-stop shop for personalized cell phone cases for a variety of devices.

The Process

It’s so easy to design your case. It’s all done online, via their website. You start by choosing your phone model; there’s everything from iPhones to Samsung and much more. From there you can pick from a host of cases; hard, silicon, wrap, wooden and even cork. After this, the fun starts.

The possibilities are endless. Here you have the option to customize using a pre-selected colors, pictures, and wordings. Alternatively, you can opt to personalize your case using any of your existing photos from facebook, Instagram or your gallery.

Here are my personalized iPhone 6 cases:

Option 1: Randomly selected color choice with stock design

Option 2: Chosen photo selected from my Facebook.


Once your design is complete, you just need to select your delivery option and await your new case. It was approximately ten days to arrive in Canada. Overall the wait time, was exactly as anticipated.


Now I got my phone case free of charge (thanks, Go Customized!) but their prices range from $20.00 and up depending on the style and durability that you prefer. Standard delivery (5-9 days) is $2.99 and of course, you can pay extra for expedited shipping. They accept all major credit cards and you can even pay using your paypal account.

The verdict

I love my phone case! It fits perfectly, it’s durable, and the quality is excellent. It was super fun to create my own personalizations with these phone cases and I love that you have the option to incorporate your own photos — what better way to cherish great memories?

How would you customize your personalized phone case?

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  1. I’d have the picture of my family – what a lovely idea. Plus you can always spot your phone on a table with others and it might, just might, be less of an incentive to steal it.

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