8 School Fundraising Ideas

Schools are great opportunities for fundraising projects. These could be done as part of a school fete or organized independently. If you’ve been thinking of hosting a school fundraising event, here are a few ideas that are certain to get people involved.

Have a bake sale

Got a talent for baking? Both children and adults alike love cupcakes. These can make cheaply and sold for profit to help raise money for your cause. Some schools can be strict about allergies – particularly nut allergies – so make sure to warn the school first. This is a great stall option at a fete.

Host a quiz

Quizzes are fun team events that can raise a lot of money. Organise a quiz night with prizes and invite people to come along by advertising it. A quiz could be aimed solely at parents or could be aimed at children and adults. You could even allow a member of the outside public to come along.

 Host a raffle/tombola

A raffle or a tombola is an easy-to-organize event that’s ideal for a school fete stall. Prizes could be aimed at children such as toys or sweets. Alternatively, you may be able to think up some parent-oriented rewards such as these wine basket ideas from https://the-fund-raiser.com/eight-fun-wine-basket-ideas-fundraising/. Find a sponsor that can help to supply these prizes.

Host a school dance

If you’re a DJ, you could offer to host a school dance. These are fantastic events for raising money. You could even sell food and drinks at the event to make a little extra on the side to go towards your cause.

Do a charity race

Why not host a charity race around the sports field? This could be aimed at parents, and there could be prizes to the winner. You could even make parents and children race together. Fun variations include egg and spoon races, wheelbarrow races and three-legged races.

Do a charity abseil

Companies such as http://charityabseils.com/ can be hired to host abseiling events in any location. This could be an abseiling event down the side of the school. Such an event is sure to appeal to all the adrenaline-loving kids and parents out there.

Try a fundraising car wash

Another fundraising event could be to offer to wash parents’ and teachers’ cars for payment. This is a great low-cost fundraising idea.

Encourage people to donate their stuff

You could ask for donations of items, which can then be given to the homeless or sold and converted to cash in order donate to your cause. It’s best to keep a theme, such as getting people to donate old clothes or old phones. There are lots of sites for selling on old clothes and electronics. Such an event can also teach people not to throw away things and instead recycle and donate.

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