How Your Smartphone Can Help You De-Stress

Even though stress is a natural part of everyday life, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore it when it hits you. In fact, stress is not only widespread, but it can also be deadly if you don’t deal with it appropriately. Indeed, stress is the invisible enemy of your health, putting your mental health to the test and consequently affecting your physical health too. In reality, most chiropractors would tell you that the majority of back pain troubles are closely related to pressure. Similarly, therapists agree that a lot of depression and anxiety disorders are the result of a highly stressful environment, whether at work or home. In other words, it’s time to relax. But don’t worry, you’ve got everything you need in your pocket: Your smartphone.

Relax, your smartphone has everything you need to beat stress

Escape reality

Sometimes, all you want to do is escape the real world for a moment to recharge your batteries and come back stronger. But when you’re stressed out even sleeping feels impossible. You need a distraction to take your mind away from your worries and help you relax. That’s precisely why smartphone games are so popular. Open the app, and you’re in a new world. From playing Final Fantasy 15 if you love open-world games to a simple online puzzle, you can let your stress levels go down while focusing on something else. The beauty of mobile games is that you can play anywhere. Even a few minutes while drinking a coffee can help!

Get in touch with those you need

What if you’re on a business meeting at the other end of the world, and suddenly you felt lonely and stressed out? With a smartphone in your hand, you’re never alone. With the Couple app, you can get in touch with your partner to let them know how you feel about a text or a quick doodle. If you prefer to talk to more than one person, why not use ooVoo, a group chat app that lets your run video conference with up to 12 persons?

Look out for immediate solutions to your problems

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to release your stress. When all you need is a quick answer, you can join the 80% of internet users who perform the majority of their searches on mobile. As smartphones are looking for local results as a priority; you’re more likely to solve your issue rapidly. From finding the closest dentist to sorting out your finances, you can see a local advisor in a tenth of a second. What’s stopping you from resolving your problems?

Use an app to relax

If it’s too much and you can’t think straight anymore, just click your way through peacefulness with Headspace, an excellent meditation app that helps people relax when they need it most. You don’t need to be a yoga master to benefit from the simple mindful tricks of the app. But it helps you to keep a cool head at all times! As you learn to meditate, you’ll experience a new level of peacefulness.

Click and chill, that’s the promise of the smartphone. If you’re stressed out, remember that with a phone in your pocket, relaxation is only a few clicks away. So what are you waiting for?

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