Tag Zone Mystery Revealed

Have you ever heard of paintless paintball or tag ball? Neither had I. But, a couple of weeks ago Ethan went to a birthday party, and he couldn’t stop talking about the fun time he had a Tag Zone. I have to admit the whole concept of paintless paintball confused me, and I thought what better way to try it for myself. So, we piled up the kids into the car and made our way down — and it sure was a fun adventure.

What is Tag Zone?

Tag Zone is an indoor tag ball arena where players are divided into two teams and battle it out against each other, shooting rubber foam balls and engaging in fun missions.

Tag Zone has been in the City of Ottawa for 15 years. I’m not even kidding; it’s like I was living under a rock all my life. Tag Zone is located at 89 Montreal Road, and we had no problems finding the place. There is no parking on site, so I highly recommend that you arrive early to secure parking at the street meters or nearby stores/restaurants.

How Does It Work?

Before you even put on any equipment, all players must participate in a safety briefing; this is where staff teach you about equipment and review the rules of engagement.

Next, the players divide into teams, and the fun begins. Each session of tag ball is roughly two hours. Tag Zone has a variety of missions, and they try to fit in as many rounds as possible in each session. The average session has approximately six missions, and each mission lasts for 20 minutes.

How Much Does It Cost?

It will cost you $39.82 plus tax for each player. They do offer discounted prices for large groups of 8 or more players. If you take into consideration that there are two hours of gameplay, the price is very reasonable.

Tag Zone also offers packages for birthday parties, bachelor parties, corporate events, and sports team parties. You can visit their website at www.tagzone.ca for more information.

Our Adventure Experience

Prior to arriving at Tag Zone, I was nervous. Kira thought she’d cry and Rick really didn’t know what to expect. Ethan had one up on us all as he had played previously. Upon arriving we were met by the staff who were polite and friendly. He allowed us to walk through the course prior to the session which I thought was really cool.

After all players (there was about 12 people in this match) for this session had arrived, we were seated in a waiting area and were given a brief safety meeting which suprisingly was really fun to watch. The referree of our match was energetic and didn’t miss a beat as he went over the equipment, safety rules and general instructions about the game. This briefing took approx. 15 minutes and he answered all of my questions and worries, I knew we were in good hands.

We then divided into teams — kids versus parents. Rick and I were in trouble.  We squeezed in roughly 6 missions that included many different and fun challenges. Throughout the entire game, the staff are always there with a smile and their energy to keep the game flowing and fun.

Recommendation Rating: For families with kids 10 and older, we recommend Tag Zone for a fun-filled experience that you’ll never forget.

Bonus Items: You are permitted to bring in outside food. This means that you can pack your own snacks and save money while you enjoy this fast-paced adventure of Tag Zone. Also, you don’t have to worry about missing excellent photo opportunities of your experience because the staff goes around with a camera and a GoPro. All their footage is posted daily on their Facebook Page for your viewing and sharing. How awesome is that? If you watch our video, you’ll see that the capture some fantastic shots of each player.

Disclaimer: We want to thank all the staff at Tag Zone for making this such a fun experience. We received complimentary passes to Tag Zone. However, all opinions expressed in either this post or the YouTube video belong to The Busy Mom Diary, The Yak Shak and/or our children.

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  1. Oh how cool this is!! I honestly never heard of it before, but I know I would love it! Totally doing this for a night out after I have the baby! Glad you had fun<3

  2. Have you ever tried paintball? It actually REALLY hurts haha. I walked away little bruised so I’m glad you didn’t do that! This looks like so much fun. These kinds of things are great family or group activities! !

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