No, You Can’t Have What You Want at Walmart

Yes, I’m that parent that stands in the checkout line, staring at her cell phone while one or both of the children are in full melt-down mode because I didn’t buy that $2 pack of stickers or whatever new gadget has caught their attention. Do I want to give my children everything they ask for, […]

How Pets Contribute to Raising Children (Guest Post: Olivia Jones)

You haven’t seen true happiness until you’ve witnessed a young child cuddling with a dog. The bond between a child and pet is making growing up a happier experience and brings joy to the entire family. It also contributes to the child’s development. The benefits of pet-child relationship go way beyond the mere playtime animation. […]

Being Happy For The Little One

Becoming a mother changes the very wiring of your brain, and it turns you into an individual with a one-track mind. Your baby is the only person who matters, and that line of thought is entirely understandable, but, in order to best achieve the goal of keeping your newborn child healthy, happy and growing as […]

Three Tips To Save Money

Our family may not always have it together and there have been times that we struggled financially, but our home is filled with happiness and much more love than I could ever imagine. Last year, a medical emergency plagued our family that left my husband unable to work and shifted our financial income drastically. Our […]

10 Wishes For My Children

Like many children, mine do not always hear the words that I speak to them. They have the ability to stare at me and not hear a word that I have said. I admit, I talk a lot, but that’s only because I am trying to teach the way of the world to them.  If […]

The Real Struggle: Mom Guilt

Being a parent has been the most-rewarding accomplishment that I have ever experienced in my life. It challenges me every day, makes me laugh countless hours and at times makes me want to pull my own hair out. Parenthood is complicated and changes you forever. From the moment a precious baby is placed into your […]