From Good To Disaster In Three Days

If I had to sum up the weekend in very few words, I’d say it was practically met with disaster. The weekend didn’t start off that way, in fact my weekend started off great, let’s recap the weekend events. Friday was a good day. The weekends always start off on the right foot when your […]

Yes, Sometimes My Husband is an Asshole!

Every relationship has its own moments, both good and bad. I married a sarcastic asshole who has no brain to mouth filter. Most days these little hiccups are tolerable, I’ll smile and make a comment or two back – knock him off that high horse and reclaim my crown. Other days, it’s more intricate. A […]

I’m Not The Cleaning Fairy

Recently there was a video floating around the online world about a husband who thought the house cleaned itself – I am that person.  The original video can be seen by clicking right HERE. I leave wet towels on the floor, dirty laundry on the bathroom/bedroom floor, dishes here and there, my bed is often […]