Take Care Of Yourself, Mom

As mothers, we have a tendency to put ourselves after our children. Need new clothes? No, we must spend the money on the children. Desperate for a workout? The baby needs a cuddle; we’ll do it later. Hungry? The children get the first pick of the food at the dinner table. It’s a natural instinct that’s ingrained into us, but it’s one that can be extremely detrimental to our health and wellbeing. With the selflessness that comes with motherhood, we often forget ourselves medically, and it’s at this point that there is a problem.

How often have you rescheduled a doctor’s appointment or a well-woman check-up because of a commitment the kids have instead? If you are finding yourself nodding along, it’s time to learn how to put your health first. The rigors and routines of raising children often mean that those overdue dentists appointments and that doctor visit for treatment for IBS that you’ve meant to schedule put off. It’s easy to forget about yourself when you’re trying to organize the school runs, lunch boxes and social lives of smaller people that you create yourself.

The thing is, without a healthy mother, your children aren’t going to manage. They need you to be energized, healthy and awake enough to pay attention to their needs and if you are too busy running yourself into the ground on behalf of everyone else, this isn’t going to work. Mothers often forget that they are still people, too. You were a person before you had children and you still are that person now. Putting your kids first makes you a great mother, but only if you are taking care of what you need, too. Get some help with the kids if you need to, speak to your husband or partner and hand the children over for at least an afternoon so that you can get the necessary medical checks done that you have put off. If you are feeling rubbish, either physically or mentally, then you need help!

Putting yourself on the back burner doesn’t do anyone any favors. You can’t go through life living on fumes; you need to fuel your body and your spirit with happiness. We don’t mean that your five minutes to yourself should be when you do the grocery shopping – it doesn’t count if you’re doing chores. But twice a week, take the time to leave the kids and restore your mind with some yoga or Pilates or even boxing, if that’s what you enjoy. Take the time to book that well-woman check and get a clean bill of health. Enjoy a long, luxurious soak in the tub by yourself. Taking care of yourself shouldn’t come with a side of guilt. Motherhood is laced with enough uncertainty as it is without forgetting who you are along the way. You’re more than just a mother, and you need to remember that when you take an hour to put yourself and your health first for a change.

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  1. As moms, we give our all to our families; sometimes to our detriment. Serving our lives ones should not be a death sentence so, we must learn to love ourselves and practice selfcare.

  2. You do need to take care of yourself once in a while for sure and not let everything go. That never helps. It’s like being on a plane where you have to put the mask over your mouth first before you help your child. Because your child can’t get help when you can’t breath and pass out.

  3. What a very useful post and a reminder to all of us that we need to take care of ourselves too. I keep putting off making a doctors appointment even though I really need to go see what’s wrong with me. I’m just going to do it. The kids can stay with a friend.

  4. This is always so important to remember! Every one of us moms have always been guilty of doing this, since it is our natural instinct to care for those around us especially our children. I always try to do at least one thing for myself monthly, which is usually going to the salon for a manicure. Thanks for the reminder and great tips!

  5. I’m terrible at taking time out for myself. I got invited for afternoon tea and a trip to the theatre today though, and just having a few hours out of the house without the kids did me the world of good. I feel all refreshed and ready to take on tomorrow now 🙂

    Louise x

  6. I am not a mother, but I agree that moms forget about taking care of themselves especially when they have more than one child. It’s good to set aside time for yourself.

  7. I am not a mom yet but I have always been told that taking some “mommy me time” is crucial in order for you to survive motherhood. Great post!


  8. One of the best things my dad taught me is: “You can not take care of others if you do not take care of yourself first.”

  9. I have such a hard time trying to keep care of myself over anything. I put myself over everyone and then work a lot. I know I need to take some time to myself eventually, but I’m afraid that I will burn out before hand.

  10. I usually want to put my kids first. However, I do try to do things for me. For example, taking time to do blogging while I make my kids play by themselves. They have me most of the day. They can let me do something like I like for an hour or so, right?

  11. I think that most moms tend to take care of others first and i know at the end of the day its easy to say maybe tomorrow. This was a great read

  12. Yes to all of this. Taking time for yourself is very important. I hate to admit I put my children first for everything and it has gotten out of control. I’m trying to reign it back in, this is a great reminder not to forget about me!

  13. I love this. I definitely tend to..forget about myself. I like to have the evenings to myself, just me, but I am still constantly planning & preparing the little one’s week.

  14. I’m not a mother yet but you are very right. Mums still need time to themselves and to take care of themselves! Otherwise they are going to be run down and get ill. I will make sure I take time for myself when I become a parent. My mum has already told me she’s going to be a very hands on grandparent!

  15. I need to think about myself once in a while. I run around after my children too much and rarely think about myself, when I get vouchers as gifts I even spend those on the kids. I started at a gym so I get a little time t myself, not quite me time but at least I get out of the house without a small herd of children.

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