The Best Advice For Moms

Congratulations! Whether this is your first pregnancy or not, the fact is that you are about to be consumed with information, resources, and information from family, friends and even strangers walking down the street. It can be so overwhelming at times to weed through all the advice. Some you will take with a grain of salt and others you will cherish for a lifetime. Regardless of the advice, just know that at the end of the day you know your baby best and you alone will be the one rocking that crying baby to sleep.

In a matter of months, you will discover your parenting style that works best with your family, your child, and your life.  Your parenting style is unique to you, and it doesn’t have to be the same as your mother’s or anyone else’s’ – it is designed for you and your baby.
We know that everyone has an opinion to offer and that everyone raises their children differently. We asked mothers from all over the world to share the best advice that they ever received and now we’re sharing it with you as you embark on your journey of motherhood.

The Best Advice For Mother from Mothers:

“Always trust in yourself. You are the only one that knows what your baby needs”

– Crystal @ The Busy Mom Diary

“That you should follow your intuition and ignore the “helpful advice”. You know your baby better than anyone else ever will”

– Roxy @ The High Heels Society

“My mom gave me the best advice when I was about to deliver my baby. She said me that everyone will take care of the newborn baby, but they will forget the new mom. So, she asked me to take care of myself both physically and emotionally”

– Amila @ Diary of a New Mom

“Love yourself to be able to love your kid. Forgive yourself, you’re not perfect and you don’t have to. and end your day always with a lovely conversation with your kid — was it just saying “I love you” with a warm smile.”

– Fatima @ Wellness of Eve

“Definitely to pick your battles. If he wants to wear two different socks, is it worth fighting over?”

– Brandy @ Realism For Dummies

“The best parenting advice I’ve ever received came from my Mom. She was a very strict parent, smothering at times and I was about 19 before our relationship become more love than fighting. She told me if she had it all to do again she would use three words “what’s the point”. She realized that there were so many things were made to be bigger than they were. I use it regularly with my kids. You want to play in a mud puddle, my first reaction would be “you are going to get filthy” looking at it from “what’s the point”, kids are washable and you are going to have a blast, go for it”

– Stephenie @ Blended Life Happy Wife

“Choose your battles. My mom always told me to choose my battles. Having three girls at home I follow that. If my six year old wants to wear something completely mismatched to school I let her, then when the more serious battles arise like don’t hit your sister comes about I fight that battle.”

– Devon @ Army Wife With Daughters

“Don’t take your children’s behaviour personally. Often times you can be doing everything totally right, and they’ll still have a meltdown. That’s not on you.”

– Christine Keys

“The best parenting advice I’ve received was to enjoy it while it lasts because it goes by fast. One thing parenting has taught me was to cherish every moment, good or bad, happy or sad because life is short so make it count.”

– Tia@ Everyday Tia


24 thoughts on “The Best Advice For Moms

  1. These are such great tips! I try to live by them too. If I could adopt one mantra from this list, it’d be, “Kids are washable.” We totally subscribe to that one in my family!!!

  2. I love this post! It’s really inspiring and it will make any new mom feel so much better about themselves. It’s not an easy task and it’s definitely something that will challenge you to the core.

  3. this is great advice for new moms! aw, what a sweet post. I’m not a mom but I’m glad I read this for the day that I am. I like the ones that say cherish every moment and to take care of yourself as a mother. Such wise words!

  4. All the Mom advice is so great. I only wish I was a Mom so I could put it to good use!

  5. I could have used some parenting advice from moms with similar parenting styles. I got advice from opposite styles and it was not great. So glad I finally came across parenting groups on FB and parenting blogs.

  6. I definitely think it’s great to give others advice but we also need to be aware of our boundaries. It’s important to know we all have ways of doing things.

  7. I couldn’t agree more with you. When I was expecting with my little guy, everyone had advice. At first, I was overwhelmed and then I started to weed out the advice. Now, I just do what I feel is best. Every parent is just trying to be the best parent they can be, without being judged!

  8. I love the advice that you need to take care of mum too, everyone forgets that the mum has just gone through a major change as well!

  9. I love your tips and will share them with my circle of friends. As a first time mom, it wasn’t easy to trust my own instinct but I soon learned to. I love this quote “Always trust in yourself. You are the only one that knows what your baby needs.”

  10. This was beautiful to read. It’s nice to hear positive affirmations to new mothers and mothers to be while they transition to a new chapter in life!

  11. Your post turned out beautiful. What a nice compilation of advice for new Moms. Thank you for letting me contribute. It has been a pleasure.
    – Stephenie, Blended Life Happy Wife

  12. I feel like I can relate to Fatima’s comment the most. No one is perfect and as mothers, we make tons of mistakes. We just have to love ourselves, love our children, and move on.

  13. I am not a mum yet and not going to be one before few years but I will remember these tips. I have seen my parents raising five kids and never looking at being perfect or setting an example. Best advice for moms are great but maybe including asking the dad to be involved would be a great one too. You need to be two to make a baby so two to raise one as well and mums shouldn’t have to it all by themselves! xx corinne

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