The Great Sock Mystery

I know that matching socks on laundry day seems so trivial in the big scheme of things, but it has to be one of my least favorite things to do. I was always struggling to find those missing socks. I’m not sure who was the worse culprit, the invisible sock monster or my bratty children who would take off their socks the minute they got home from school and tossing them God only knows – I never could find them all! Every Sunday I would spend too much time running round the house, looking under beds, behind couches, in backpacks for missing socks – this was not how I enjoyed spending my Sunday. It was not FUN!

I don’t remember when it happened.I woke up one Sunday and  decided that I had enough, these socks were driving me crazy. I wasn’t going to spend the afternoon trying to locate the sock  mystery.

Now on laundry day, we pile all the clean socks into one basket. We adapted the silly sock, non-matching method. No more looking for missing socks! Need socks, no problem. Rifle through the basket and gather two socks and put them on your feet!!

Let’s be serious, is anyone really looking at our feet once we put shoes one?

How do you manage the socks in your family?





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