Tiny Tricks to Lose Big Numbers

If you’ve still got a bit of a mom tum, but you’re finding it hard to fit in a workout, and the chocolate hasn’t stopped calling to you, you might be tempted to give up your weight loss efforts completely, but you really shouldn’t. It might seem like weight loss is just too hard for a busy mom, but that’s probably because you’re doing it wrong. Despite what most people think, weight loss can be pretty painless. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at these tricks to lose big numbers:

Give Up Self-Denial
More often than not, when you put yourself on a strict diet, where you can eat little more than a few lettuce leaves and some bland grilled chicken for dinner, you will end up bingeing on the wrong stuff. A better way to approach weight loss then is by adding lots of healthy goodies to your diet. Snack on fruits, veggies, rice crackers and soup instead of thinking that you can only eat three small meals a day and you’re more likely to stick to the diet and see significant losses faster than you expected.

Instead of Working Out, Have Fun

Many moms believe that the only way they will lose the baby weight and tone up is by visiting the gym every day. This sets them up for failure because it’s hard to squeeze in a gym session when you have a crying baby to take care of, a house to look after and a job to work. Not only that, but a lot of women simply don’t enjoy the kind of exercise that is available at the gym, so they simply give up.

What’s to be done? Instead of working out, try to have more fun. If you love walking in nature, do that, or if you enjoy playing at the park with your kids, do that. Sure, you probably won’t burn as many calories as you could at the gym, but it’ll be more sustainable, so you’ll see greater results over a longer period.

Hack Your Favorite Foods
One of the best ways to lose weight without feeling deprived is to simply make small changes to your favorite recipes so that they contain fewer calories. For example, if you love fried chicken, try making it in an Actifry, where you only need one tablespoon of oil instead of a whole pan full, or if you love ice cream, substitute it with lower calorie frozen yogurt instead. With a bit if thought, most recipes can be made healthier, and you’ll be able to make your diet more sustainable for you.

Eat Soup Before Your Meals

It might sound counterintuitive to add a starter to your meals when you’re looking to lose weight, but this tiny change could make a huge amount of difference. Drinking a small cup of homemade soup using one of the many healthy soup recipes available online, will you to feel fuller more quickly, thanks to the blend of water and solids, which means, on average, you’ll take in fewer calories for each meal overall.

Up Your Fiber Intake
Increasing your fiber intake at every meal will also help you to feel fuller for longer, which will help to prevent you from snacking throughout the day. I would recommend starting the day with a high-fibre low-sugar cereal if you really want to set yourself up for weight loss success.

Stay Hydrated

Sometimes, when you start to experience what you think are hunger pangs, it is your body signaling to you that you are dehydrated. So, before you reach for a snack, drink a glass of water and wait for 20 minutes. Most of the time, you will find that your hunger has vanished and you do not need to eat at all.

Split It
If you’ve ever traveled outside the USA, you will know that the restaurants outside of this country serve much smaller portions than the average American restaurant. If you eat out a lot, it could be the huge portions that are preventing you from losing weight, so instead of ordering a whole entrée to yourself, split it with your dining partner to save calories and cash.

Eat from Smaller Plates

Did you know that people who eat from smaller plates eat almost 50 percent less than people who eat from bigger plates? The small size of the plate tricks us into thinking we have eaten more than we have, which helps us to feel more satisfied with less.

Have you successfully shifted your baby weight? What tiny tips helped you achieve big losses?

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