Tips for Creating a Completely Safe Bathroom for Your Kids

Watching your kids enjoy a bath is one of the most special feelings in the world and a moment you realize you’ve done something right in your life. However, although most people think the environment that surrounds your baby isn’t as important as the care you provide them, it’s actually far away from the truth. Not every bathroom is the same and you simply can’t be nurturing and caring in an unsafe environment. That’s why you need to renovate your bathroom before becoming a parent, so here are a few tips on creating a completely safe bathroom for your kids.

Avoid slips and falls
You need to understand that babies are generally clumsy as their arms, legs and coordination aren’t developed yet, so you should watch them closely and oversee their every move. Close supervision might sound like taking things a little bit too far to some parents, but it’s more than necessary in the long run, and what you should pay attention to the most are slips and falls. The way to prevent these are installing nonslip rubber mats and strips on your bathroom floor and inside the bathtub. These can ultimately save your kid’s life since a huge number of children get injured due to slips and falls every single year.

Check water temperature
Even though bathing a newborn is such an amazing event in every parent’s life, you should be careful when preparing the water. Heating it is a must, but be careful not to take it too far – you may find a hot shower relaxing, but your baby certainly won’t. In order to avoid burns and scalding, check the temperature by dipping your wrist or elbow into the water. If it’s warm instead of hot, it’s going to be all right for your child. Babies shouldn’t be exposed to water hotter than about 50° C – about 120° F – so be extra careful when bathing them.

Watch the edges
When baby-proofing their home, most people focus on the sharp edges of their desks, tables, chairs, and cabinets – but what about the edges in the bathroom? Vanities, storage units, medicine cabinets, washing machines and even laundry baskets can seriously injure your child, especially if they have sharp edges. The same goes for your bathtub – yes, it’s easier to bathe your newborn in a tub than using a small shower, yet it’s quite dangerous. And since baby-proofing its edges isn’t as easy as you may think, think outside the box and find another solution. What lots of parents seem to prefer today is switching to reliable oval baths that is not only more spacious but also much safer. Whether you pick a freestanding or concealed model, you can be sure your children won’t get hurt while you’re bathing them.

Safe decorations
Since your kid spends a huge amount of time in the bathroom, you have to make it child-friendly and colorful, too. Adding a few toys and decorations here and there is a wonderful idea, and something that will make bathing time more enjoyable. There are lots of interesting and even educational toys out there and your children can even pick the ones they prefer on their own, but it’s your job to make sure these toys and decorations are organic, natural and free of any dangerous chemicals.

Although your kids will spend the biggest part of their days in the nursery or bedroom, it’s the bathroom area they’ll love the most – after all, bathing is much more exciting and enjoyable than sleeping! That’s why you should help them feel free here and do everything you can to create a safe environment for them.

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