Toys And Ploys To Help Your Child Develop Fast!

There are many things you learn about when you have your first child. You learn about yourself and what you can achieve with 49 minutes sleep, you get to grips with understanding so many different ways of changing a diaper with one hand, and you finally learn who the dish ran away with! But with all of these things you learn, do you wonder what your child can learn when they’re in their formative years, and in those first 6 to 12 months, can you help your child to learn much quicker than what the developmental books say? Or is it just a case of them learning at their pace?

It is a question that we all ask ourselves as parents, are all the playing and toys that we buy helping them form the skills they need for later in life? There are many tools that we can use to help prepare ourselves as parents. Sites like gives a fundamental training in the basics, like diapers and what pushchairs to use, which is perfect for us, but when we are trying to pass on things like knowledge and language to young kids, can it be done? The traditional school system focuses on reading, writing, and arithmetic. But those are things that we can’t necessarily teach our kids unless we set up a homeschool and start to show them before they start kindergarten! We want our children to have fun before they go to big school and we need to find a way to get our kids to learn even though they don’t realize they’re learning!

The big thing we can do to help our children to equip themselves better is to encourage their language skills. As humans, we have learned to speak by imitating what we hear around us, and that is how accents are formed and all the little aspects like the tone of voice and even the amount of words we speak. But we don’t have to wait for them to learn to talk to start teaching them how to communicate; we can prepare them for using language skills before they even utter their first words, and this is done very simply. All we have to do is sing to our kids!

They say that if you sing to your child in the womb, you are helping them get used to your voice, but there’s not enough focus on what singing to your child can do for them when they are out of the womb. Scientifically, music engages both sides of the brain. We tend to be left or right-handed, which is a sign of reliance on one side of the brain, but by engaging both sides, we are helping to not only give our kids a head start in using their brain more efficiently, but by singing nursery rhymes and lullabies to them we are helping them to increase their scientific and mathematical abilities. But this doesn’t mean that you can play them a tape, you need to sing to them, as this encourages response and when they are old enough, they can sing along. So, start singing to them! Don’t worry if you can’t sing; you’re helping your kids get smart!

7 thoughts on “Toys And Ploys To Help Your Child Develop Fast!

  1. I think reading to your kids is also a huge investment regardless of how little they are.

    I sung and talked non-stop to my kids when they were on the inside and it may be why they do not stop talking now.

  2. Our house is super musical! My kids don’t care if I sing on key, but they do love all the songs we sing together—from the familiar ones like the ABC Song to comforting ones like You Are My Sunshine to the made-up ones we sing to say goodbye to the bath water.

  3. I don’t have children, but I know my husband played music to his ex-wife’s belly while she was pregnant, specifically heavy metal. Once his daughter was born, the only way she would settle when she was really upset was with heavy metal haha!

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