7 Smart Shows You and Your Teen Will Both Enjoy (Guest Post)

It may feel like just yesterday that changing the channel to PBS was all it took to keep your family entertained. Unfortunately, the good old days of Mister Rogers, The Muppet Show, Good Luck Charlie and even Boy Meets World are long gone.

These days, your kids are more interested in reality shows, MTV specials, and less-than-family-friendly Netflix series. It might seem like no show holds their attention unless it makes you run to cover the eyes and ears of younger siblings.

Don’t worry – these 7 TV shows are smart, funny and won’t make you cringe while watching side-by-side with your high schooler. All age guidelines are from Common Sense Media.

7 TV Shows to Watch with Your Teen

1.    Angie Tribeca, 14+
Rashida Jones is her hysterical self as Los Angeles cop Angie Tribeca in this TBS show written and produced by Steve and Nancy Carell. This brand of humor is smart, tough, sassy and not for everyone.

2.    Blue Bloods, 14+
Blue Bloods combines the nit and grit of the NYPD and city judicial system with family values and just enough romance to keep things interesting. This long-running CBS series offers street crime and some violence – but not too much.

3.    The Carrie Diaries, 13+
Underage drinking, drug use, and open conversation about sex and sexuality are all part of this prequel to Sex and the City. But don’t let that distract you from the positive messages about strong friendships, family values, achieving goals and picking yourself up when life gets you down.

4.    Freaks and Geeks, 14+
Unfortunately, there’s only 1 season of this 80s stereotype-based, a high school-set drama that any teen can relate to. Fitting in as a teen is hard, and no one understands that more than these Freaks and Geeks.

5.    Friends, 14+
Although you won’t find Friends on Netflix anymore, tune in on Amazon Prime or Nickelodeon to keep watching as Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Monica and Ross navigate life with the help of their friends.

6.    Modern Family
More than likely, your own family life resembles something like the love and chaos in every episode of Modern Family. There are storylines that aren’t appropriate for kids or even tweens, but you and your high schooler might just be laughing out loud together at the end of the episode.

7.    Sherlock
Sherlock Holmes has reimagined yet again, this time in the BBC’s Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch is a believable detective, and the mysteries in each episode are smart and thrilling, without being scary or gruesome.

Author Bio: Taylor is a blogger who loves sharing her opinions on home tech, digital entertainment, TV trends and other lifestyle topics. She recently created a guide of more than 150 of the best kids’ TV shows, based on the opinions of parents, educators, and of course, kids!

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  1. Modern Family is a great show and one of my favorites. It shows that’s its okay to be different and they are all types of families around.

  2. Some nice picks, they sound to be great to watch with teens, both parents and kids will enjoy these. I am going to suggest these to my sister with teen kids, it would be a great way to spend times with kids which both can enjoy.

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