Watch Where You Pee!!

I’m furious. I’ve taught my son many things in his short life, but yet the very simple task of using the bathroom in a semi-human like manner escapes his memory EVERYDAY!!!!

I can’t be the only woman on the face of the earth that has experienced the very traumatic and distressing realization from having to share a washroom with a boy. I’m outnumbered, two girls to three boys – it’s disgusting on its best day.

I’m not sure whether I’m more terrified of the god-awful smell that lingers around in that tiny space, the sweaty clothing my son leaves on the floor or the urine samples that have been left all over the bathroom. I’m talking about sampling on the floor, on the toilet, on the little carpet – I wonder if any even made it to their destination – the toilet bowl.

These boys who can stare at the television for hours, playing various video games with magnificent hand-eye co-ordination. And you can’t even hit the damn toilet bowl. Are you freakin’ kidding me???? Seriously!

I know it’s my darling son. I’ve been after him for months, repeating myself like a parrot. Lift up the toilet seat, don’t forget. I’m sure he hasn’t heard a single word that comes out of my mouth, he practically stares at me as if I were speaking a foreign language.  I’ll shout, don’t forget to lift the seat again, as I hear him bolting from his bedroom to the washroom in between video game interludes. The pitter-patter of his feet echoing before the door slams shut.

I think if I was actually fortunate enough to walk into the washroom, sit down and do my business without having to wipe up urine from the seat or stepping into it, I’d likely hear angels praising “Halleluiah” I took one look at the washroom this morning, closed my eyes and praised E-Cloth  (don’t forget to enter the giveaway)for sending me some bathroom cleaning supplies. These sure will be coming in handy as I tackle this mess. Please excuse me as I wipe up this toilet for the 74th time this year.

Any tips for getting this boy to hear me when I beg him to please lift the toilet seat each and every time?

26 thoughts on “Watch Where You Pee!!

  1. I couldn’t stop two emotions while reading your post – 1) laughter 2) relating to the situation. Although I am mom to a girl who is potty training, the situation is quiet similar to yours.. all I got to say.. this will pass sister

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed this post. It was a lot of fun to write. Good luck with your little girl.

  2. I am happy I do not have to deal with this at home with my husband but I definitely understand where you are coming from as I grew up with younger brothers. EEEK! lol E-cloth seemed to have helped. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. I don’t have this problem, but maybe in the future with a boy we will. Thanks for the real talk mama.

    Celeste |

  4. Have no tips – boys are gross! I remember living with a male flatmate while at uni, and heading to the toilet and texting, stupidly not looking…toilet seat was up, didnt realise and went to sit on it.Not good! x

  5. They are all the same. The only thing that has worked with my son is getting him back to clean it up and taking his tech away as the consequence. Funny how he can manage to do anything when his beloved iPad relies on it! Mich x

  6. Lol. This used to happen to me when I stayed at home during my college years lol. Well, one thing you should do is maybe give him an incentive everytime he does it and a slight negative incentive when he doesn’t do it. Like no television for 20 mins or a cookie after dinner if he does do it. I learned the learning behaviors in my psychology classes sometimes reinforcements work (:

    Isaly Holland

  7. Haha this blog is awesome. I am having my first child and its a girl, thank goodness. But my boyfriend is always putting the sit up and it drives me mental! We have 2 bathrooms for this reason and he is always using mine!

  8. Hahah, this is a problem that never goes away. My little brothers are in their 20s and teens now and when we are at home visiting, I still don’t use their bathroom at all lol

  9. No joke, I just got finished yelling “why does it smell like pee in the bathroom!” I have not received a sufficent answer. There is no reason for it at all.

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