Weekly Menu No. 21

This week sure has been another busy week for this crazy bunch. Ethan’s recovering from being sick, Kira had her professional photos taken on Tuesday and then we were in full-on hockey tournament mode.

So, yeah, I’m slacking. This weekend, I spazzed and forgot to make the menu. But don’t fret, I’ve quickly put together an exciting new list, I just hope my family enjoys it. If you missed it last week, check out our Chicken Alfredo Broccoli – an easy to freeze and the slow-cooker meal that my family just loved.

This week, I’m not going to lie, I relied heavily on Google and the meals we might have skipped over last week to help get this menu out. But of course, you know I’m going to tweak each recipe to what my family likes.

As always, please remember, I post my weekly list to encourage menu planning and to give meal ideas, not as a nutritional standard. You should feed your family based on your priorities and values.

Here are the selected meals for this week.

Monday: Slow-Cooker Meatball Stroganoff
Tuesday: Slow-Cooker Italian Chicken
Wednesday: Slow-Cooker Honey-Glazed Pork Chops
Thursday: Crockpot Lasagna
Friday: Slow-Cooker Honey and Lime Chicken
Saturday: BBQ Pork Shoulder (Yes, still from Costco)
Sunday: Eggs, Bacon, Waffles – we love breakfast foods.

Have you ever served breakfast for dinner? What are some of your favorite breakfast items?

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