Weird is Happy

Can we please be normal?

I shit you not, this is the question my daughter so proudly asked me with a smile on her face. She knew she had my attention as she followed that statement with, “you know a normal family that has family game night, eats dinner at the dinner table and doesn’t call each other an asshole?”

Okay, so we may not always have it together and we’re not picture-perfect on our best day of the week. But I love the weirdness and all the little random things. It’s what makes us a family and it’s what makes us happy. Weird is happy!

So today, I’m embracing our weirdness and letting it all shine in this tell-all…

We eat dinner sitting on the couch in front of the television as we watch recorded television – so we can skiiiiiiip the commercials.

We casually refer to each other as an asshole – so much that as I typed this post  it auto-corrected the word “as”.

We never match our socks and we don’t care that they might be two different colors or patterns on any given day.

We talk about poop. A lot.  

We randomly blurt out song lyrics as they apply to everyday situations.

We will sit in the car for an extra few minutes, until the end of our favorite song, even if it just started to play as we pulled into the drive way.

We lick our chips to devour the flavor before stuffing them into our faces.

We eat pizza for breakfast and call it a breakfast of champions.

We re-tell funny stories like they happened last night. We will never forget the time that Rick dropped the grapes or the time Ethan got so excited and ran around the grocery store shouting, “we’re getting broccoli!!!”.

We stock up on essential items like canned goods, ketchup and maple syrup in case of a zombie apocalypse.

A weird home is a happy home.

When did you notice that your family was weird? Share your weird with us.



24 thoughts on “Weird is Happy

  1. I love this post! Although u don’t have children I have fully accepted that when the time comes we’ll probably be much like this! Thanks for sharing 😀

  2. My family and I are totally weird! Hearing my stepdad’s hilarious childhood stories again and again, doing silly voices and impressions of Lee Evans (our favourite comedian), weird is definitely happy!

    1. We use paper plates when we have them and we have a mouth like a sailor!! We are working on that

  3. Haha I’m not sure there is any real normal, perhaps what we see on TV and are told is normal, but I don’t think many people actually live that way.

  4. I love the innocence in the question, something you can throw back at her in years to come when asking her to define what is normal x

  5. Who wants to be normal anyway. Tell her it’s great to be different. Different people are trendsetters, different people are leaders, different people become Drs, different people become business leaders. It’s good to be different. Celebrate your differences!

  6. Why would anyone want to be normal!? I love the grocery store/broccoli story – funny! Ours is “Yay, we’re having sushi!!” As someone wiser said, Normal is just a setting on the dryer! 🙂

  7. I can relate to this post! We randomly blurt out song lyrics too and re-telling funny stories is great fun! We also eat dinner in front of the T.V most of the time, too! Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Weird really IS happy! xx

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