Dealing With Overwhelming Stress When You Are A Busy Working Mom

A lot of people don’t take stress seriously enough. While some can be good in your lives to push you forward, too much could have a damaging effect on our physical and mental health. But a lot of people struggle to broach the subject of stress. After all, when they are a busy mom, they tend to feel like they should be supermom. But there is so much help out there that you shouldn’t feel like you are dealing with it on your own. In fact, here are some ways you can deal with overwhelming stress when you are a busy working mom.

Make sure you are getting a proper night’s rest

A good night’s rest might sound like a dream when you are busy looking after your kids. After all, your regular eight hours turns into four if you are lucky once you have a child. But the reason for your extreme stress could be down to your lack of sleep. After all, you might struggle to think properly and concentrate after a bad night’s sleep. And it might affect your mood before you have started your day properly. And there has been a ton of research which has shown a link between a lack of sleep and stress. Therefore, to help you through the stress, it’s worth heading to bed straight after the kids have gone to sleep. And then you can get more sleep, so you feel happier in the morning. Or you could ask a family member to have your child overnight. That way, you can get some decent rest, and you might find it eases the stress!

Find ways to cut the stress out of your life

It can be hard to find the route of overwhelming stress in your life. But if you want to say goodbye to it for good, you need to try and find ways to cut it out of your life. For one thing, exercise is always useful if you want to cut back on your stress. A walk around the block can clear your head and make you feel refreshed by the time you get back. Or you might even consider joining a fitness class such as a yoga class to help you cut the stress while maintaining a healthy weight at the same time. Also, you might want to try writing a blog which is an excellent way to get your emotions out. After all, if you are not letting everything out, it could be causing you overwhelming stress!

Talk to your employer

A lot of people find that the cause of their extreme stress is their work. After all, when you are a busy mom, it can be challenging to fit both motherhood and work into your life. And it can only make it worse if you are falling behind on your job. But if you are finding stress unbearable, you should talk to your employer. For one thing, they might be able to reduce your job to help ease the stress in your life. And if you are finding you are getting so overwhelmed you aren’t attending work, they might get a health advisor involved. For example, Health Assured’s occupational health assessments will see what could be done by your employer to help you return to work sooner rather than later. And they might be able to assist you with medical advice or counseling which can help you to get the stress under control. And if nothing is changing at your work, it might be time to find a new job. After all, there might be something out there which will ensure you get less stressed out!

Find help with the kids

While we love our children, they can be the source of the stress in our lives. After all, it can sometimes be overwhelming when you are busy looking after your kids. But if it’s becoming overwhelming, it might be time to ask for support from close friends and family. Your parents might be honored to look after your little one for a day or two. And this will give you some time off to get refreshed. You might opt to go for a spa day with a good friend. Or even go out for a day with your loved one. And it doesn’t make you a failure if you need some space from your kid. All moms need some time on their own sometimes to ensure they are the best mom possible to their children when they are around them!

And if you are struggling with stress, do make sure you speak to your doctor. After all, they might be able to help you find the route of your stress. And there might be something health related going on which is making the stress worse in your life!

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  1. My friend was just talking to me about her yoga class she’s been loving since it helps her de-stress! Finding time for it all can definitely be a challenge 🙂

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