Would You Rather? Mom Edition

Let’s play a game.

You’ve been on the internet, so you’re probably familiar with the “would you rather…?” game. It’s basically a form of mental torture. You’re confronted with a variety of scenarios and you have to pick which you would rather do.

The game can be played in two ways. The first is the most common: choosing between a group of things you really don’t want to do. The second is a lot more fun, so of course, thanks to humanity being generally awful, it’s not the one you see most often: choosing between lots of nice things.
We can all agree that bringing up kids is a wonderful, enriching experience, and we wouldn’t change our kids for anything in the world. Nevertheless, it’s also pretty uniting to acknowledge that some of the tasks that go alongside being a Mom are… less so. So let’s play ‘Mom, Would You Rather…’

… Be Confronted With More Artwork or Go Through The Personal Finances?

Ooh, it’s a tough one to begin! On one hand, you have your beaming, delighted child, holding out their latest piece of art. They love it. They’re so proud – and you’re so proud! But your home is already cluttered with more artwork than you ever thought it possible to display, and something is going to have to be cut to make room for it.

So to avoid it, your option is to spend an entire day hitting the home finances hard. You’re going to get comparison quotes. You’re going to call companies to negotiate deals. You’re going to scrutinize a Banner Life insurance review and make changes to your policies. Oh yes, all the red tape in the world – or telling your child that there’s no room on your walls for their art.

Cheat Answer: Let your child decide which art to keep and which to throw.

… Go On An Adventure In Summer or Spend A Cozy Evening In?

Sometimes humanity has to be nice, so let’s play nice. Both of the above are wonderful. In the summer, you can go for walks, bask in the sunshine, and generally love the feel of life.

But winter evenings in – well, it’s the stuff parenting is made for, right? You can snuggle up, play old fashioned board games, make hot chocolate and huddle away from the ferocious weather outside.

Cheat Answer: Everyone has a preference! Sure the year changes and you get to do both, but which would you choose to do right now?

… Always Have The Answer or A Magic Tidying Room?

For the first option, you will always have the answer when your kid has a question. The entire knowledge of humanity is available to you at an instant’s notice. Your child will think you’re Einstein.

Or… you can have a magically tidying child’s bedroom. Think of it as Mary Poppins-esque; one click of your fingers and everything can go back into its rightful place. Nothing will ever be dirty or messy.

Cheat Answer: Use your all-the-knowledge powers to make magic real and get a self-tidying room that way.

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