Make Friend With Your Food Again

Do you have a love/hate relationship with food? Most people love to hate food and hate the social situations that involve food. But don’t panic: Sometimes all you need is a better understanding of food to start loving it again. After all, your body needs its nutrients to function. So why deprive it of this essential and healthy energy?

The Risks Of Skipping A Meal
If you belong to this category of people who have too little time in the morning for breakfast, be warned: skipping a meal is not healthy. And it doesn’t help you to lose weight either – as you’re more likely to be binge eating on the first occasion. In truth, those who eat breakfast every day are more likely to be slimmer. So the best way to join the breakfast movement is to prepare it in advance, maybe with overnight oats, so that you’re not wasting time in the morning. You can make a similar argument for any other meal that you skip. Skipping lunch will make you hungry in the afternoon, and you’re likely to overeat for dinner.

Meals Don’t Have To Be A Chore
How do you feel about family meals? What used to be a lovely social tradition is becoming a nightmare for modern families. As Little Crunchy points out, family meals are often perceived as unhealthy and time-consuming. In truth, if you’re cooking you are in charge of what gets on the plate. Consequently, you can bring healthy options to the table that don’t need long to prepare. Additionally, as most people live in a fast and high-paced environment, it’s nice to think of the family meal as a moment that you can spend with those you cherish. Sit down, relax and enjoy the conversation. It’s precious.

Quick And Easy Processed Foods? Nope
If you think that using processed foods can save a lot of precious time, you’re wrong. Processed foods are practical and easy to prepare. All you need to do is open the packaging. But it is unnatural. Processed foods are directly linked to risks of cancer, obesity and heart disease. All you get is a quick death with those!

Healthy Food Makes You Happy
Eating can make you happy. It’s not about indulging in your favorite junk food. It’s about food that contains all those magical mood-enhancing ingredients. Delish lists some happy foods, among which bananas that have a natural mood-regulating brain chemical. Quinoa, the healthy food of fitness addicts, has demonstrated amazing anti-depressant abilities in a 2010 study in the Journal of Neuro pharmacy. Oysters, a luxury item for romantic dinners, are rich in zinc and help you to reduce your anxiety levels.

Are You Eating Enough?
The main question, though, when it comes to food, is: are you eating enough or too much for your needs? You can find on Pinterest a few illustrations of what a 1500-calorie day looks like – for the record, 1,500 calories is the recommended amount for a healthy and relatively sedentary woman; if you’re a sport junky, you naturally need more food. Additionally, it’s good to understand as well what a healthy portion looks like. For instance, a fist is the equivalent of 200 calories of pasta, which is a reasonable portion.

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  1. I am really interested in learning about how food can help with certain issues, such as moods! Goodness knows chocolate is fantastic for many things! As more of my children take an interest in cooking and learning skills in the kitchen, they are learning the reasons why we try to eat certain things. Always more to learn!

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